Front-end Developer (mid-level)

Job description

We are looking for a driven and pragmatic builder with a lot of passion. You have experience in building modern web applications from the ground up and have worked in larger deployed projects. You’ve seen various stacks and know how to trade off technologies and frameworks. Your mission will be to form a powerhouse within our product team to help customers understand the story and health of their wind turbines or heavy machinery.

Why do we need you?

You’ll be working on a set of technologies that break down complicated machine learning solutions and deliver crucial value-add insights to the user. We operate at large scale - billions of data points per day - providing always-on predictive models, alarms and metrics visualisations for some of the largest and most sophisticated customers in the global renewable energy space. This is not your average dashboard, we’re talking about intelligently visualising handling large quantities of data to drive performant visualisations and functionality. There’s a large opportunity to make an immense impact. You will be working together tightly with the product team led by one of the founders and a solid machine learning & devops engineering team to build product technology that is already creating an impact on a global scale.

Day-to-day activities

  • Spearhead the development of the front-end stack across our product suite. Focussing on standardised modular and robust implementation of reusable components and functionality.
  • Tackling challenges such as swift visualisation of millions of data points in various plot types, and conveying the complex phenomena that occur in our customers systems in a simple and effective digital environment.
  • Working together with the wider engineering team to bring them into the fold and allowing them to work with the tools you and your team build.
  • Make architectural decisions on how to solve our engineering challenges and keep us future proof.
  • Research new (upcoming) technologies that will considerably improve the user experience and or development time of our products.
  • Help grow our Product team to support new customers and industries.

Why work with us?

  • Use your skills to have a meaningful impact in the world!
  • Work with state-of-the-art technology
  • Flexible work schedule, holiday policy, and work location
  • Modern work environment, tools and peripherals
  • Enormous freedom as we hire you for your expertise and trust you to discuss and choose the best path for the challenge at hand and we are in the beginning, lots of choices that can still be made / changed
  • Become part of a warm and skilled group of people, committed to each others success


  • Demonstrable experience (at least 4 years) in developing and deploying both front-end technology for modern web applications in production
  • Demonstrable experience of advanced understanding in modern frontend frameworks and stacks (at least 3 years)
  • Demonstrable experience of performant data visualisation (preferably experience in D3 or canvas)
  • You have production level experience in deployed web applications running on scalable infrastructure
  • You understand the impact of the code you are writing, you are able to think in terms of rendering performance, memory and how things will work out once used by multiple people simultaneously
  • A firm understanding of when (and when not) to use abstractions/frameworks for state management and view rendering. More importantly, if you do, which ones and why
  • Javascript is one of your superpowers, and you know its good and bad parts
  • Familiarity with modern databases, object relational mappers and utilising data pipelines within the web application stack
  • When coding, you code quite DRY with some oasis here and there ;)
  • [preferred] would be that you have worked with Vue.js but experience in React is perfectly fine

About you

  • You Marie Kondo your project structure. Everything sparks joy and you fold code in such a way that it stands on its own
  • You know and love a module called [insert-random-word].js and you think it can change the way we work
  • You’re pragmatic; you know when to trade off diving deep with quick fixes
  • You are a pioneer and you know sometimes you just have to dive into the deep end and it's safe to do so and that gives you energy
  • You are curious and won’t stop searching and asking questions until you find the answer