Renewable Energy Performance Lead Engineer

Job description

We’re looking for an experienced renewable energy engineer to lead our Service Delivery/Customer Success team composed of electrical engineers with experience in renewables energy sources. You will use your managerial skills to lead and coach the team members and guarantee that the team output is at its peak performance.

You will use your engineering skills and experience to ensure that Jungle's solutions have the maximum impact in the operations of our customers, as well as serve as the technical expert and become a go-to when it comes to understand electrical assets.

As our Service Delivery team lead, your mission is to guide the implementation and adoption of Jungle’s flagship product Canopy with our customers.

You will work directly with our customers to help them solve their challenges with Jungle’s products, and get the most value from our AI-based solutions. With the help of Jungle’s in-house tools, you will train, test and deploy Machine Learning models to our customers and help them understand the possibilities and limitations of our products.

Using your technical knowledge, you will help customers understand the results and translate them to hypotheses and actions, ensuring their machines work to the best of their ability, now and in the future.

Who we are

Jungle develops and applies Artificial Intelligence to increase the uptime and performance of renewable energy sources. Built on existing sensors and data streams, the company’s technology enables solar and wind energy owners to squeeze more out of their assets, accelerating the world’s transition to renewable energy sources.

We have productised our services into a web application and are continuously improving it to ensure that our best analyses and visualisations help our users get the maximum energy out of their assets. We operate at a large scale - millions of data points per day - providing always-on predictive models, alarms and metrics visualisations for some of the largest and most sophisticated customers in the global renewable energy space. This is not your average dashboard, we’re talking about intelligently visualising handling large quantities of data to drive performant visualisations and functionality.

Why do we need you?

  • You will lead our Service Delivery/Customer Success team composed of electrical engineers with experience in renewables energy sources.
  • You will use your electromechanical technical knowledge to discover, on a daily basis, ongoing failures and identify machine underperformance supported by our machine learning models.
  • You will keep good and close relationships with Jungle's customers, ensuring that we understand their needs well and that they reap the benefits from using Jungle's products.
  • You will act as a cross-functional liaison between our customers and both our Product and Applied ML teams, ensuring that our roadmap is aligned with our customers' needs.
  • We are building technology to remove as much manual work from our activities as possible. By leading our Service Delivery team you will be providing feedback about our tools to enable Jungle engineers to work more efficiently.
  • You will use your analytics skills to develop new KPIs (based on sensor data) that help us track and monitor the impact of our solutions for our customers.

Why work with us?

  • Join a funded start-up.
  • Work with modern technologies (both in ML and software engineering).
  • You'll work on the last-mile delivery of our products, ensuring they have the best impact with our customers.
  • You have the opportunity to use your skills to create a meaningful change in this world.
  • Become part of a warm and skilled group of people, committed to each others success.
  • We care about your growth and assign you a personal mentor to help you achieve this.
  • As a remote-first company, we offer you a flexible work schedule and work location.


  • You have a MSc degree in Electrical Engineering or related field, or you have equivalent experience.
  • At least 3 years of professional experience in working directly with SCADA (sensor) data in renewable energy to analyse asset performance (e.g. power curves) and find ongoing failures.
  • Experience in interacting directly with wind turbine OEMs engineers (e.g. Vestas, Siemens) to resolve ongoing issues and turbine underperformance based on SCADA sensor data analyses.
  • You have experience in leading a small team of electrical engineers.
  • You enjoy helping customers solve deeply technical problems.
  • You possess well-developed soft skills, and are comfortable talking about in-depth matter with customers and industry experts.
  • You have an eye for detail, but know how to trade off details with the bigger picture.
  • You can think creatively and laterally whilst remaining practical and solution-oriented.
  • You have data wrangling experience with Python (Jupyter Notebooks, Pandas and visualisation libraries e.g. Plotly).
  • Conceptual understanding of Machine Learning, its power and limitations.
  • [bonus] You’ve worked with code versioning tools such as Git.

About you

  • Managing others is natural to you
    • You have a proven record in managing technical team members.
    • Leading technical team members is something that gives you energy.
  • Strong technical acumen and ability to apply commercially
    • You are comfortable communicating technical concepts to people of all backgrounds.
    • Experience in interpreting data and delivering insights that drive customer value.
  • Engaging personality, polished verbal and written communication skills
    • Building strong relationships is a natural thing for you.
    • Business level fluency in English, other languages are a plus.
  • Sharp analytical mind and tech skills to implement them
    • You consider implementing existing standard KPIs a walk in the park.
    • You have the domain knowledge to develop new KPIs to measure success in innovative ways.